Lawrenceville, GA

Log Cabin Lane Lawrenceville, GA

1314 Log Cabin Road
Jun 29, 2018

The Challenge

Condition of home at estimate was not suitable to draw or demand the higher equity value at resale. There were damaged walls, dark uninviting colors throughout the home, stained caprets, and dated fixtures, blinda, and appliances.

The Solution

Swift painters was highered to come in an provide an equitable solution to this problem. Swift Painters brought in their professional and hghly trained house painters to not only change the interior painting look of the home, but remediate the other cosmetic and functional issues with the home as well. All the walls, trim, doors, and ceilings were freshened up utilizing current color trends from Sherwin Williams. All the appliances and fixtures were changed out with brand new stainless and brush nickle looks. Transition from out of date to current was less than one month.

Repose Grey
Extra White



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